Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All in the Family

Cheerleading wasn’t always my main sport, to be honest I used to hate it.  I never really understood why my sister would want to be a cheerleader. But I hadn’t experienced what my sister did while she was inside practices, games and competitions, between the hard work, inside jokes, and friendships. I never understood why she would walk around my house hitting her routine all the time, for the perfection and the feeling of success when they called Kingston for first place. She started teaching me more about cheerleading. I wanted to do cheerleading because my sister is my hero; I wanted to be just like her and follow in her footsteps, and be just as good of a cheerleader as she was. She always helped me to perfect my toe touches and motions, she told me to make every motion sharp and tight. Not only was she worried about her success in cheerleading, but my success in it to. Just like in practice you can’t worry about just yourself hitting a stunt if others can’t you have to work together as a team. What I learned not just from her but from being on the team, is the hard work and dedication it takes to be on Kingston cheer.  in other sports it’s about you making the score or basket but we all have to work together to accomplish our goal. We all have to put in 100% all the time.
  My sister and I have always been close. To see her enjoy a sport so much engaged me even more.   The thrill I got from watching each basket toss go up or to see a girl land her backtuck, made me want to be a cheerleader even more. It made me want to feel the success they felt, and pride they felt after winning, or just knowing you did the best you could. Cheerleading may not have always been my life, but now that it is I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.  Being on the team is like being with 15 of my sisters; they all influence me to want to be a better cheerleader.

Aimee Bauer
Varsity Cheerleader



Monday, January 23, 2012

3rd Place!

We competed at the Pine Bush WinterFest on January 22nd (after having it moved from the 21st due to inclement weather) and placed THIRD out of eight teams!  We earned our trophy with pride, and are looking forward to our next competitions!!

1/28--Minisink Valley HIgh School

2/4--Utica Dome--NYS Cheer Championships

2/18--OCIAA Section IX Cheer championships hosted at KHS!!!

2/26--Cobleskill High School

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Whole New Level

All my life, the only sport that I've known was cheerleading. When I was a little girl I would always go to all the football and basketball games just so I can watch the cheerleaders. I always looked up to every single one of those varsity cheerleaders and had so much respect for them. Now, I get to be a part of that. I can still remember getting the Email from Coach Lainie saying that I made the KHS varsity cheer team. This being my first season on the team, I'm more excited than I've ever been. No one knows this, but I honestly cried when I read the Email, that's how excited I was. I couldn't wait to go to my first practice! When I entered the MJM gym to practice with my new team, everything already felt different. But it was a really good different.
  For 2 and a half years, I was so used to being on the JV team. The main difference that I noticed on varsity, was the friendships. Sure, the warm ups, workouts and just the style of everything was different, but the friendship is what struck me the most. All the girls act like they want to be a family and they all work so well together. I was so nervous because I was afraid of not 'fitting in' with all the other girls on the team. But about a week in, I felt like I was at home with this team. Not many people have someone they can go to when they need someone to talk to, but I have 15 people I can go to, and Coach Lainie. In a lot of sports, some of the players don't even know some people on their team. That's what makes cheerleading all the more special. We all work as a team, with everything. From learning new routines, to playing a team game where all you have to say is "HA", we are a team.
Moving up to be on varsity cheerleading is the best thing that's ever happened to me. A lot of people say "I can't live without my phone" or "I can't live without my laptop", but honestly, I can't live without my cheer team and everyone on it. Yes, I liked being on JV. But, I LOVE being on varsity.
Demi Politis
Varsity Cheerleader

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Road to Victory

It was unlike any time before, although I’ve done this at least 4
times. The crowd roaring with such excitement waiting for their
children or friends to enter the gymnasium and perform on the well
known blue mats. The backroom filled with many girls in uniform messing
around with their best friends, usually running over the last 8 counts
which they have already done at least 3 times. The judges anxiously
waiting to see the competition and what each team has brought to the
table this year. This was a cheerleading competition, it wasn't just
any competition though, this was states.

        I can never predict what the outcome will be after I step off the mat
with my team, all I can do is trust. Trust that my team will pull
through as one, and hit every elite stunt, every back tuck, every toe
touch, pike, hurdler, and every dance move with precision and accuracy.
Doing all of this with the biggest smile on my face and the loudest
voice. Cheerleading isn't like any other sport, usually you have
another chance, or another quarter to be the winning team. One shot, we
only have one chance to prove to the judges that we deserve to win with
our short but so long 2 minutes and 30 second routine. Working all year
to perfect this routine, for only one shot to win. With the judges
only standing around 2 feet away from the front of the mat, there is no
room for mistakes. Every motion hit has to be tight, strong, and
attacked with confidence.

        “Kingston High School Varsity, your on deck!” Finally, I'm almost
there. Behind the large curtain that will reveal me to the crowd, the
judges, and the place I will perform my routine. In the time before I
sit in a huddle and review the routine in my head with my team, were
all nervous. Just finished warming up tumbling, stunts, jumps and
formation changes, though I’m ready. “And now, we have Kingston
Varsity!” Running out on the mat with my team and get into my first
formation “T-I-G-E-R-S lets go tigers!” Awaiting the sound of my music,
looking down at my sneakers, I'm so excited and anxious that I can feel
my heart beating out of my chest. The music starts and every nervous
feeling goes away and my adrenaline kicks in. I throw up every stunt as
if I'm wonder women, I have all the strength in the world. Spirit,
enthusiasm, energy, determination, smiles the seeds to cheerleading. At
this very moment I feel powerful, I can see the wow factor me and my
team are putting on the judges. I can see the 1st place trophy getting
closer and closer. After landing the last stunt sequence I end the
routine with my last motion and a proud “Kingston!” We run off the mat
and chat among ourselves about what went on throughout the last 2
minutes. All is good. I now wait, wait for the rest of the teams to
perform, and too wait for the judges to combine scores and see who the
winners really are. “3rd place goes to Minisink High School!” “2nd
place goes to Cornwall High School” “and 1st place, goes to...Kingston
High School!” We all stand up as fast as we can and jump around,
hugging, and cheering at the top of our lungs, we did it together.

        Cheerleading is my escape, it is the one thing I can do that makes me
forget about having a bad day, and puts me in a happier mood. I get to
see all my best friends and to do the one thing I love. The connection
that I have with my teammates is like no other. My teammates are there
for me when i breakdown, and when im standing so tall. I have never had
a bond like this with any other person, and it is the best feeling in
the world, and I never want to loose it. Cheeleading is my life.

Hatherley Tucker
Varsity Cheerleader


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

KHS Cheerleaders PLACE 3RD IN THE NATION!!!!!!!

The Kingston High School Varsity Cheerleaders have placed THIRD in the American School Spirit Awards and FIRST in the northeast!  This award recognizes the top cheerleading programs from around the country.  When choosing a winner, the Universal Cheerleaders' Association (UCA) looks for teams that exemplify community service, outstanding athletic support, spirit raising activities, and high academic standards.

For teams to enter the American School Spirit Award, squads had to submit a book to UCA. In their book, they included a letter of recommendation from their principal, athletic director or community leader, show one or two community service projects/charity work events involving the squad, describe two of their most successful spirit raising activities, list their most notable academic awards/honors, and include a couple of interesting facts about their team.

Last year, the KHS program earned 5th place, so inching closer and closer to number 1 is always an accomplishment.  I'm extremely proud of the commitment this year's team has made to spirit leading and community service projects, as well as the life long lessons they are learning through it all. 

The winners include Coach Lainie Silverberg, Captains Zia-Ne Williams and Mackenzie Goodrich, seniors Kimberly Boice, Jessica ReposaRicki Maggiore, Tiffany Coughlin, juniors Brianna Egan, Melanie Hoffay, Aimee Bauer, Demi Politis, sophomores Hatherley Tucker, Megan Hoffay, Molly Gaffney, Tatiana Rodriguez, and freshmen Alex Boudreau and Megan Gillespie.