Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All in the Family

Cheerleading wasn’t always my main sport, to be honest I used to hate it.  I never really understood why my sister would want to be a cheerleader. But I hadn’t experienced what my sister did while she was inside practices, games and competitions, between the hard work, inside jokes, and friendships. I never understood why she would walk around my house hitting her routine all the time, for the perfection and the feeling of success when they called Kingston for first place. She started teaching me more about cheerleading. I wanted to do cheerleading because my sister is my hero; I wanted to be just like her and follow in her footsteps, and be just as good of a cheerleader as she was. She always helped me to perfect my toe touches and motions, she told me to make every motion sharp and tight. Not only was she worried about her success in cheerleading, but my success in it to. Just like in practice you can’t worry about just yourself hitting a stunt if others can’t you have to work together as a team. What I learned not just from her but from being on the team, is the hard work and dedication it takes to be on Kingston cheer.  in other sports it’s about you making the score or basket but we all have to work together to accomplish our goal. We all have to put in 100% all the time.
  My sister and I have always been close. To see her enjoy a sport so much engaged me even more.   The thrill I got from watching each basket toss go up or to see a girl land her backtuck, made me want to be a cheerleader even more. It made me want to feel the success they felt, and pride they felt after winning, or just knowing you did the best you could. Cheerleading may not have always been my life, but now that it is I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.  Being on the team is like being with 15 of my sisters; they all influence me to want to be a better cheerleader.

Aimee Bauer
Varsity Cheerleader

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