Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Whole New Level

All my life, the only sport that I've known was cheerleading. When I was a little girl I would always go to all the football and basketball games just so I can watch the cheerleaders. I always looked up to every single one of those varsity cheerleaders and had so much respect for them. Now, I get to be a part of that. I can still remember getting the Email from Coach Lainie saying that I made the KHS varsity cheer team. This being my first season on the team, I'm more excited than I've ever been. No one knows this, but I honestly cried when I read the Email, that's how excited I was. I couldn't wait to go to my first practice! When I entered the MJM gym to practice with my new team, everything already felt different. But it was a really good different.
  For 2 and a half years, I was so used to being on the JV team. The main difference that I noticed on varsity, was the friendships. Sure, the warm ups, workouts and just the style of everything was different, but the friendship is what struck me the most. All the girls act like they want to be a family and they all work so well together. I was so nervous because I was afraid of not 'fitting in' with all the other girls on the team. But about a week in, I felt like I was at home with this team. Not many people have someone they can go to when they need someone to talk to, but I have 15 people I can go to, and Coach Lainie. In a lot of sports, some of the players don't even know some people on their team. That's what makes cheerleading all the more special. We all work as a team, with everything. From learning new routines, to playing a team game where all you have to say is "HA", we are a team.
Moving up to be on varsity cheerleading is the best thing that's ever happened to me. A lot of people say "I can't live without my phone" or "I can't live without my laptop", but honestly, I can't live without my cheer team and everyone on it. Yes, I liked being on JV. But, I LOVE being on varsity.
Demi Politis
Varsity Cheerleader

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  1. Demi..and girls. The day Coach Lainie made cheerleaders- I told her that her life would change- for the better- starting THAT DAY! Good luck to you all!! There is a special "bond" you will never forget- like getting that e-mail!
    Karen (Coachs' Mom)